Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Call - The Blog Series 1


                                                  The Call-Chapter 1

It was a dream outside with the glistening white snow casting a spell with all its beauty. I was sleepless as if suffering from insomnia, but that was not the case. I was restless, but then I was totally pre-occupied with that task I was supposed to complete as a part of my job. What was haunting me? I was at a loss of words to describe what exactly my state of mind was at that moment. Far away from home in a strange place, I did not feel like exploring the city….the city of Dreams….which did have all the avenues for a great time. All I wanted was to be with someone at that time and place, someone I could connect to, someone I could trust, someone I could lean on, someone I could find peace with, someone I could warm up to, someone I could cuddle up to, someone I could share a laugh with; and most importantly, someone I could love in abandon….and :) be loved too.

While I was tossing and turning in my bed with these thoughts, came that one call…the one that changed my life, after which my life was never going to be the same. I thought I recognized the voice. It seemed to be that sweet guy from the hotel with the list of restaurants that prepared the cuisine I preferred. So I guessed his name….”Brando”, but the peppy voice on the other side uttered a phrase in Hindi…”Pehchaan Kaun”, meaning…”Identify who this is”. I could not guess immediately from the voice. While I was still struggling to identify who it was….there came the voice with a hint of naughtiness……Soham!!

I knew him from my past days…he was an acquaintance, made from a mutual friend. We did never have much time together earlier, except for a few talks based on courtesy. I always had an impression that he was haughty and high-headed. But the call seemed to be proving otherwise. He spoke sweetly with a hint of naughtiness, was courteous and witty…all the characteristics that I like in a person. Well, our talk continued and we reminisced some of our earlier acquaintances and chance meetings.

Our conversation continued for quite a while, and then I slipped into blissful sleep that night, without any hint of loneliness in me. Later was I to know that my sleepless nights would continue :) of course, sleeplessness due to immense sense of love and happiness, laced with the thought of feeling wanted and being loved.

These calls continued, daily, late into the nights, fresh in the morning, with no sense of any boredom or fear of repercussions. I was always excited and waiting for the night to end so that I could be in contact with my soul mate again.

There was never a single day that I slept for more than a couple of hours, but I never felt tired, weak or frustrated due to lack of sleep. All I wanted was for dawn to appear to reach into my beloved and his company—his talks, his voice, his face and his wit and love.
This was love with all the yearning, the longing, the freshness, the trust and the innocence of the kind first love is made of.

Did I find him handsome? Of course, he seemed the only one around!! Did I think he was my Hero? Can you bet!!!Did I laugh more when he spoke to me? The only thing that I felt was akin to that Carpenter’s song….”I AM ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD….”

And then…………!!!!!!!!!!

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Arul Devarajan said...

Nice one . Everyone needs it and being loved is great.